helping those less fortunate

the idea

Solicitors, barristers, successful plaintiffs and the general public commit .05 of their professional fees, award, or income to the PointZero5 Spinal & Medical Research Campaign via the Princess Alexandra Hospital Foundation to

enrich the lives of people who have suffered a spinal injury.

Donations to the campaign will support people with disabilities in need, who have suffered a spinal injury and are not able to receive compensation, to receive basic equipment, & have a better life - together with assisting on-going research International.

The Initiators


In association with Mr Peter Yeo, who became a quadriplegic in 2002, the initiators of the PointZero5 spinal & medical research campaign were magnificent lawyers from major Queensland personal injury law firms, & a brilliant barrister who also specialises in personal injuries.

Together with these leading legal men and women, this sensational scheme could not have proceeded as well as it has, if it was not for the wonderful assistance from the former inspirational CEO of the Princess Alexandra Hospital Foundation Mr Gary Evans, & the ever obliging media of TV, radio, newspapers and magazines.

A very special thanks to all those other astounding law firms, businesses and people who have contributed to making life for the less fortunate more enjoyable.


The Plan


To have legal practitioners and their clients who derive an income from the prosecution of plaintiff claims to commit to a fund raising process via International Plaintiff Lawyer Associations & Law Societies, whereby financial assistance is provided to the PointZero5 Spinal & Medical Research Fund.

Not only will these legal societies members be contributing to this worthy cause helping the less fortunate people with disabilities, but all other businesses and the general public will be encouraged to donate .05 of their earnings on an ongoing basis to the campaign. One-off donations, no matter how big or small and bequests are also encouraged.  

Donated funds will enable many people with disabilities who cannot afford proper wheelchairs, beds, pressure relieving mattresses, shower chairs, even carers, to receive them. Contributions will be distributed by a Board of Management comprising leading Spinal Research Scientists, directors from the Princess Alexandra Hospital (The Princess Alexandra Hospital Spinal Unit is internationally recognised as one of the world's leaders in spinal research), management of the Princess Alexandra Hospital foundation plus leading and respected Australian media and celebrities.

All donations are tax deductible and receipts will be forwarded monthly or quarterly as requested. 

To pledge your donation, no matter how big or small, please click on the 'DONATE' page.

To apply for funding please click on the 'APPLY' page.


The profile


The Legal Profession

At last Lawyers can give something tangible back to the community.

The legal fraternity has been criticized for making vast amounts of money from claims. Lawyers now have the opportunity to make a difference so far as injured people are concerned.

The benefit to those injured is obvious.

The direct benefit to the legal profession is also obvious to those more conversant with image communications. The initiative, will greatly improve the public profile of solicitors and barristers. Lawyers as a result will be less likely isolated when issues of public debate arise.

All Nationalities

At the same time, clients of lawyers, businesses and the general community who give to this campaign, can feel a sense of caring and compassion, giving to people with disabilities who are less fortunate. 

Research Fund

The PointZero5 Spinal and Medical Research Campaign


The PointZero5 Spinal and Medical Research Campaign was initiated by leading personal injury lawyers, in conjunction with Mr Peter Yeo. 

Peter Yeo was one of Australia's outstanding Australian Rules Football (AFL) players, playing in the 1960's and early 1970's with Port Adelaide & Sturt in South Australia, and Melbourne in Victoria. He is acknowledged as the first Australian Rules Player to be on a contract.

Not only was Peter a sporting identity, but he is known as one of the best advertising and marketers internationally, creating notable campaigns for Nike, Canterbury International, the iconic VYI's Sunglasses etc. Additionally he directed many advertising giants including Saatchi & Saatchi, and is an acclaimed international journalist. Peter has also been quoted as an "Icon in the Tourism Industry" creating numerous and memorable Australian campaigns.


Peter Yeo became a Quadriplegic in early July 2002, and was admitted to the world's leading spinal research hospital, Princess Alexandra in Brisbane, Australia, where he  resided for 12 months concluding his hospital rehabilitation. 

Because of his injury, caused by simply slipping on the floor running for the mobile telephone at home, Peter has decided to devote the majority of his time, outside rehabilitation and trying to walk again, to assisting spinal research, and those unlucky people who are not able to receive compensation for their spinal and medical injuries.

The PointZero5 Spinal & Medical Research Campaign will, not only donate 50% of its profits to spinal research (there's some very exciting projects underway at present), however the remaining 50% will be disbursed to assist other unfortunate patients who cannot afford basic and necessary items like wheelchairs, hoists, pressure relieving mattresses, proper beds, internet functions, electric door openers, environmental controls, emergency devices and even carers. 

One recent donation was a microwave cooker to a person who had not been able to have a hot meal in his home for 7 years! The smile on his face when he received it, was priceless!

The PointZero5 Spinal & Medical Research Campaign is global, with funds directed to patients in need nationally and internationally. People who donate can stipulate in which area, or areas in the disability field, they wish their funds to be directed.

All funds for patients will be decided by a board of directors. New board members will include distinguished authorities from leading spinal hospitals and law societies internationally, as well as leading marketing executives and celebrated media personalities.

Peter Yeo

Peter Yeo